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Trucking personal belongings and cargo in Ukraine and Europe

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Nowadays international road transportation is the best way of cargo delivery from Ukraine to the countries of European Union. The fulfillment of road cargo transportation in almost any direction is available due to the convenient network of European roads. It is also possible to say that road haulage is one of the most demanded and cost-effective kinds of transportation services. Its popularity increases with every year.

Road cargo transportation: fast, efficient and cost-effective

Moving abroad is a troublesome arrangement that needs thorough preparation. It is especially true when it comes to the transportation of personal belongings or valuables from Ukraine to another country. It’s one thing to travel abroad with only one or two pieces of luggage, but it’s totally different when you have to move the possession (furniture, household appliances, clothes and dishes) that has been accumulated during long years.

The whole range of questions may arise: e.g. “What is the best way to move my personal items to another country? How to organize the moving? How much will it cost?” etc.

Road cargo transportation is the fastest and the most efficient way of conveying cargo within the bounds of one continent. The reasons are the following:

  1. Firstly, the transportation of personal belongings by automobile is comfortable. That’s because a cargo can be delivered door-to-door according to the client’s needs.
  2. Secondly, the transportation of personal belongings throughout the territory of Ukraine as well as abroad can be fulfilled in a rather short period of time. The delivery to the indicated address is done along the routes that are individually worked out and negotiated with a client in advance.
  3. Thirdly, road cargo transportation makes it available to convey and combine different types of cargo. For this reason moving companies render such services as consolidated delivery that helps clients to save money on transport. The so called “add to the load delivery” is the delivery of a cargo as part of a consolidated freight till final destination.

The road transportation of cargo by «RUH CARGO»

«RUH CARGO» is effective in fast, efficient and profitable solving of matters connected with transportation of personal belongings by automobile throughout the territory of Ukraine, CIS, Europe and Asia.

The road transportation of cargo by «RUH CARGO» has a number of advantages:

  1. cost-effectiveness;
  2. flexible planning of cargo conveyance; customer loyalty;
  3. selection of the most convenient route;
  4. short terms;
  5. ensuring the safety of personal belongings;
  6. delivery till the place and at a time that is the most suitable for a client.

The employees of «RUH CARGO» have more than a 10-year working experience in the market of transportation logistics. This company has hundreds of successfully accomplished projects and deliveries of various types of freight around the whole world. The company has a perfectly functioning network of partners-transporters throughout the territory of EU, and therefore we offer our clients the road conveyance with the help of modern technology and carrying capacity of 0,5-22 tonnes using special equipment and fastening systems.

«RUH CARGO» achieves exclusively high results due to the sufficient experience, coherent collaboration and aspiration for a constant development.