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International express delivery

Courier delivery and shipping around the world with «RUH CARGO»

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International messenger delivery of small freight is a special type of service provided by the «RUH CARGO» Company. Cooperation with the courier services of the whole world, well-established network of partners with the best logistics operators of the EU and perfect "from hand to hand" technology allows our company to carry out the international messenger delivery of boxes, bags, cases, suitcases, letters and other small freights efficiently, promptly and at affordable prices.

International messenger delivery: what should our clients know?

This type of service is used by both legal and private individuals. For example, manufacturing companies often require an international shipment of important commercial papers in order to buy raw materials abroad. International messenger delivery is also popular among people who emigrate for a permanent place of residence to another country. People often cannot afford to take all the things that they want because of the limited budget.

Today a huge number of small and large companies offer international transportation services. But not everyone provides high-quality services at a high level. Therefore, when choosing a corporate carrier an international transportation experience of the company, logistics operator's reputation in the market of transport services, as well as the number and complexity of successfully completed tasks should be taken into account.

International shipping with the «RUH CARGO» Company is a convenient service that allows customers to manage their time and costs even better

No matter what you want to send - a suitcase with personal belongings, legal papers or just a package for your relatives abroad - in matters of import-export of any cargo «RUH CARGO» may be considered the most reliable logistics partner!

Excellent knowledge of the customs legislation, a lot of experience (over 10 years) in the field of international cargo transportation of any volumes and dimensions allows the «RUH CARGO» Company to set itself up as the best expert in the transport industry. Professionalism, consistency of actions, a commitment to continuous development and the numerous positive feedback from regular customers help this young but rapidly growing company to achieve the best results.

International messenger delivery of personal effects and documents - advantages and benefits

Well-established network of partners who are reliable logistics operators in the countries of European Union, allows the «RUH CARGO» Company to implement consolidated international shipping of personal belongings, parcels as well as documents within the shortest possible time. Therefore, the International messenger delivery is the best way to ship small cargoes from one country to another. The customer receives a complete service, including professional customs clearance and "door to door" delivery.

Advantages of the International messenger delivery

  1. Individual approach to solving any transport and logistics problems
  2. Minimum package of documents
  3. As quickly as possible. No delays in customs
  4. Securely. Strict control at all stages. Informing the customer about the location and status of the parcel
  5. Professional assistance in solving any problems
  6. Confidential

Also, clients can order cargo’s picking up at the address in the sender’s country and the “door-to-door” delivery to the country of the recipient. At a previously agreed and convenient time courier of the «RUH CARGO» Company will take a parcel to deliver to the destination in another country. In this case the client does not need to attend the logistics terminals in order to send or receive the cargo.