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International transportation - service of European level

Nowadays international transportation and logistics are considered to be the most demanded and rapidly developing services in the sphere of transport business. So the number of customers, who is willing to transport goods, personal belongings, precious items of art etc. abroad, is growing from year to year.

International transportation. Who are the customers?

First of all, the international transportation is in great demand among business representatives. It can be used in such spheres as purchases of low cost raw materials, expanding of clients’ net, production distribution on the territory of another country, etc. The professional organization of international transportation allows entrepreneurs to develop their activity abroad in a fast and, even more importantly, in a highly productive way.

This service is used not only by entrepreneurs, but also by individuals, who are moving to another country for domestic reasons, for permanent residence, for studies or for a lengthy business trip.

Delivery of goods as well as delivery of personal items or valuable belongings is ought to be planned beforehand taking into consideration its financial and organizational sides.

International transportation. Who is trustworthy?

Presently the market of transportation services is full of companies that are being specialized in international transportation. But is the quality of their services always at the proper level?

Take into consideration the following: international transportation must be carried out in a strict compliance with existing standards of transport and warehouse logistics. By choosing a transporter it is recommended to trust the companies that have a sufficient experience in the sphere of international transportation, as well as a good reputation in the market of transport services.

«RUH CARGO» is a young, but rapidly developing company, rendering an impressive list of transporting services fulfilled throughout Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Asia.

What makes «RUH CARGO» a reliable company?

  1. Our team of highly qualified professionals, who have more than 10 years of experience in the transporting sphere. We are well informed of all the required standards of customs legislation (both Ukrainian and international). We plan international transportation by giving our clients the maximum profit.
  2. Our net of representatives, effective warehouse logistics and advantageous partnerships with the leading logistics organizations in Europe. The presence of highly guarded storage rooms in Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Holland, Spain and Turkey.
  3. The presence of wide motor-vehicle pool. The haulage of combined cargo, oversized freight, heavy load and bulky cargo. Notification: the absence of necessity to use exterior transport allows forming a more favorable price for a client.
  4. International transportations are performed via individual schemes that fit our customers best in respect of price and quality.
  5. Our clients are informed about the process of international transportation. We provide photo reports.
  6. A strict control on all stages of transportation starting from packing and marking of cargos, and ending with delivery to the place of final destination. We always adhere to set terms and prices. Safety and accuracy are guaranteed.

International transportation and warehouse logistics by «RUH CARGO» is at all times available, convenient and highly advantageous solution to a task of organizing transportation of various types of cargos throughout Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Asia. «RUH CARGO» performs transportation services at European level!