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Overseas transportations

Organization of container transport by sea

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What is the key link of import or export transporting, when, let’s say, it is necessary to transport cargo for long distances? In most cases this key link is the price. That is why overseas transportations are especially important in the modern transport service market.

Overseas transportations: What are the main advantages of transporting cargoes by sea?

Since the earliest times cargoes have been transported by sea. Just as many years ago, today this type of transport has not lost its popularity, because of its advantages. One of the main advantages is the fact that it is possible to deliver cargo even to those regions where it is very difficult, and even sometimes impossible to do this with the help of a railway or vehicular transportation.

An additional point is that overseas transportations are of advantage in financial terms. This type of transportation also has no size or quantity limits, it allows to transport even assorted bulky cargo. And considering that fact that there are a lot of ports in Ukraine, sometimes oversea transportations are the best option for transporting cargo abroad.

However, be aware that the cargo delivery to another continent by sea will be profitable in financial terms only if a transport operator is properly chosen. In this respect, not only the professionalism and experience of the transport company’s employees play an important role, but also well-established scheme of work is important, as well as the ability to elaborate each step and all actions to the finest details.

«RUH CARGO» offers overseas transportations

The «RUH CARGO» Company carries out the organization of overseas transportations on the routs of many international destinations - China, Australia, Africa, North and South America.

«RUH CARGO» is a close-knit team of motivated people, who always achieve top scores. The close contacts with the leading shipping companies, the owners of shipping lines, as well as coordinated work with customs brokers in Ukrainian ports allow our transport company to organize overseas transportations of cargoes anywhere in the world.Moreover, what is also very important, it is the fact that our company can deal with any transport and logistics issues quickly, legally and cost-effectively.

Overseas transportations of cargo: every step is carefully thought out and calculated by «RUH CARGO»!

Logistic schemes of cargo overseas transportations consist of many stages, which, in fact, are linked in one chain.

«RUH CARGO» offers a full range of services for the overseas transportations, which include:

  1. Calculating and estimating the service for "overseas transportation" coordinating with the customer, working out a contract;
  2. Picking up the cargo. There is own automobile park at the disposal of «RUH CARGO», so there is no need to involve outside organizations for the transportation of cargo to the port;
  3. Identification of the received cargo and packaging it into container;
  4. Execution of accompanying documentation, customs clearance;
  5. Delivery of containers to the port, transferring onto the transport ship;
  6. Tracking cargo on its route;
  7. Reception of containers at the port of destination country, registration and transportation to the point of delivery.

«RUH CARGO» is very serious about the implementation of all commitments. Therefore, every client of our company can count on the high-class service!