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Comments and reviews «RUH CARGO»

What our customers say about us

«Inter» TV channel manager / Vozovych Denys

I was glad to cooperate with the team “RUH CARGO” for the international transportation of sculptures to Italy. The project required a lot of documentations and permits. The team organized the whole process quickly and coherently. Since the sculpture was to be delivered to the opening ceremony in the Italian town, everything required maximum responsibility and punctuality. The project was led by Anna, we are very grateful to Anna and the whole team for the timely issued documents, prompt and high-quality delivery. In the approach of the company, there really feels a careful and respectful attitude towards your business and the business of their client! Thank you, it was a pleasant experience, now we are partners!

Council of Europe / Igor Karaman

I would like to thank the “RUH CARGO” Company. I liked that the whole process was organized with my minimum participation, promptly and coherently. Arrived, inspected, packed, took away! Transportation of personal goods to France, Strasbourg was easy and fast. I took the 30-day storage service on a specialized warehouse of the company in Kiev and further address delivery. I was pleased with the quick work and delivery on the day-to-day as promised. Thank you very much!

"ART SVIT" gallery director / Irina Polikarchuk

The “RUH CARGO” team carried out the delivery of a specific object for artistic installation in Copenhagen, Denmark ordered by a ArtSvit Gallery. Having an experience of not the first cooperation with managers, we were sure, what we convinced again, in the quality, reliability and speed of execution of the order. The team carried out the turnkey delivery, accompanied and gave advices at every step - from the registration of the necessary documents until the moment of receiving the goods in Denmark. We trust the “RUH CARGO” team for their thrifty and responsible attitude to such special goods as art objects. Thank you for the cooperation, we are sure it will continue.

«EKOTON» Elk, Poland / Zlatkovskiy Oleg

I have been looking for international transportation of personal belongings service for a long time. The task was to deliver everything legally, without all these transfers across the border with bags “RUH CARGO” organized the transportation of personal belongings to Poland fully officially - with a transit declaration T1 with bills, packing letters, etc. Thanks to which my employer paid me a move! Thank you very much for the excellent work!

Institute of Theoretical Physics Goethe-Universität / Roman Konoplya

I ordered the transportation of a very large home library (about 6000 volumes) from Ukraine to Germany. I found an advertisement on the Internet, called and heard highly qualified and exact answers to all the questions. (Previous calls to 2 other Companies left the impression that people deal with such issue for the first time). Since the library requires special customs clearance, I sent them a catalog with which the Company worked qualitatively. On customs papers, it was clear that all the books (6000!) were classified and library summary submitted to the customs. This is not a small work! One box of books contained antique books, about which I had a doubt that the customs will make them pass. The doubts came tue and this box was sent back to me by mail. Books were brought in a big truck, everything was in a perfect order. All the books arrived on time and without the slightest damage, the boxes were placed neatly in the truck, not piling one on top of another, and evenly throughout the truck, no other cargo except mine was carried, as promised. During the transportation of cargo, they kept in touch with me. In Leipzig, there was a problem with the customs due to the fact that in the German database I was listed as living in England. This problem they solved in no more than half an hour. Summing up, I'm completely satisfied with reasonable prices, excellent quality, it is evident that the Company has a responsible attitude to the cargo being trustedto them. My best recomendations to this Transportation Company!

«ENDER NAKLIYE» / Head of the company customs department

I personally witnessed as an international company “RUH CARGO”, focusing on the result and regardless of time and distance, did everything possible for a successful complete and meet the needs of the client. It was a pleasure to see the successful completion of work with the client at the customs authorities of Ankara, Turkey. I want to thank RUH CARGO’s team once again and say that I will be glad to cooperate with you in future and recommend you to others.

Architect, media artist, sculptor, author of installations / Stepan Ryabchenko

I moved to Baku in a rush, I had to send my belongings "for yesterday", many problems and nuances. Thanks to “RUH CARGO” - they helped to solve the situation, they coped with the task perfectly. I’m satisfied with the service and pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the staff.

Self-employed Alicante, Spain / Nataliya Smirnova

We moved from Spain to Ukraine. A year ago to Spain from Ukraine with the same Company. The international relocation to Spain was carried out in a very organized manner. Thanks to Dmitry for his constant attention and attitude to his clients, it is very pleasing. It is very pleasant when people do not exceed prices, and the service remains at a decent level in both on the first and the second time.