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Pets Transportation

Professional transport of pets abroad

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Any cargo transported over long distances, requires attention and a responsible attitude. Especially when it comes to pets transportation. All pets come under the notion of particular-type load, and such transportation is subject to the law of state authorities which regulate import, export and transit.

Animals transportation: what documents are needed for the transportation of pets?

Most pet owners consider their pets as full members of the family. That’s why moving to another country, many people flatly refuse to leave their meowing, barking or tweeting pets. So how is it possible to solve the burning issue of dogs and cats transportation abroad with minimal risk to their owners and maximum comfort for the pet?

Transportation of pets (cats, dogs, ferrets, etc.) is impossible without obtaining a list of documents and undergoing some procedures.

So, for the transportation of your family pet from one country to another, you need to have:

  1. electronic identification. The animal is implanted a special microchip under the skin. The procedure is simple and quick;
  2. pet passport. This document contains all marks about vaccinations;
  3. rabies vaccination with an obligatory mark in the pet passport. Its run of validity shall not exceed 1 year;
  4. anti-parasite treatment - is usually made between 48 - 24 hours before departure. After this procedure client gets a note in his/her pet’s passport;
  5. complex vaccination against infectious diseases;
  6. Form No.1 BET, veterinary certificate. The document should be taken no earlier than three days before the transportation of your pet abroad.

Please note: for the transportation of exotic and declining species you need to obtain a special licence at the competent authorities of the exporting country.

How will your pet handle the transportation? How to make sure that your pet gets the most comfortable conditions of transportation? Only the pet’s owner knows the nature of his/her pet, its features and feeding habits. Since cargo shipper bears the lion's share of responsibility for the high-quality and immediate delivery of the animal it is essential to make the wise choice of the right carrier with full attention and seriousness.

Transportation of pets: «RUH CARGO» takes care of the four-legged clients!

Animals transportation from Ukraine to any other country is of particular importance in the market of transport services. The young but fast-growing corporate carrier «RUH CARGO» successfully transports a variety of cargo, including pets.

The advantages of our Company are the following:

  1. wealth of experience and an impressive list of successfully completed orders of pets transportation.
  2. Close cooperation with the customs department of Ukraine, directly, with no middlemen involved.
  3. Cooperation with animal clinic, assistance in obtaining the necessary sanitary documents, permits and certificates.
  4. Established contacts with customs experts on the issues of paperwork.

From year to year due to the thoroughness and responsibility of corporate employees, careful preparation and planning, solicitous attitude to four-footed animal-clients, pets get into new homes of their owners without any problems.