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Vehicle Transportation

International transportation of luxury cars

Order transportation

Vehicle transportation between countries is not just a complicated process, but it also requires strict regulation. A special transport with reliable fastening system and a ramp designed for big weight is needed for transporting of cars, trucks and minibuses.

Vehicle Transportation: Whom to entrust it to?

How to transport a car abroad? You can’t just take it like a bag out abroad.

To avoid a showdown with the bureaucratic system in the future, you need to prepare your plan of car transportation thoroughly, to the finest details.

Experience has proven that the best option in this case is to turn to a proven, reliable company, which is engaged in transportation of different cargoes on a turnkey basis, has high rates at the transport service market, has an excellent reputation and a lot of positive recommendations from thankful clients.

It’s highly recommended that the transport operator takes all transportation issues upon itself and controls every stage of transportation - picks up a car, loads it on a platform, gets all the necessary paperwork done, solves issues with the Customs and delivers your car straightly to your new house.

Professional transportation of cars – there is nothing impossible for the «RUH CARGO» Company!

«RUH CARGO» offers the services of vehicle transportation abroad. Over a period of its activity, our transport and logistics company has already gained the trust among customers and today it has a reputation of transport operator being able to solve ambitious tasks and being ready to interact in any possible situations.

The company has a great amount of successfully performed orders. Among them there are deliveries of special trucks for humanitarian missions and special class armoured cars of special class for the OSCE and UN.

All transport used in vehicle transportation across the border utterly and completely conform to generally accepted norms and standards.

Vehicle transportation is performed step by step:

  1. Planning. Informing a customer about the necessity of compliance with standards of vehicle transportation across the border. Problem solving consulting. Selection of the appropriate route and transport with account of possible movement difficulties, e.g. dangerous road sections, the height of bridges etc.
  2. Preparation of forwarding documentation.
  3. Inspection and shipment of a car to the platform. Herewith, there is no need for the customer’s physical presence.
  4. Execution of transit documentation on the way, obtaining insurance etc.
  5. Transporting of a vehicle to the delivery point.

The Company guarantees:

  1. a Customer's car will cross the border without problems. The Company works side by side with Ukrainian customs, as well as customs of many other countries.
  2. the car will be under supervision all the time, any time of the day.
  3. car delivery will be performed in time and without delays. There’s a possibility of door-to-door delivery without the customer's presence at the border.
  4. Customer has a possibility to track the whereabouts of cargo during its international transportation at any time.