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Transportation to Europe

Transportation of personal belongings abroad by the «RUH CARGO»

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In 1993, the European Union was founded - a political and economic union that was aimed at regional integration. The economic conditions of this association allowed the countries of the European Union to expand their markets and obtain the necessary resources for development. All this affected the expansion of the labor market. Staff shortages forced the countries to simplify the obtaining of residence and employment documents for the flow of emigrants who responded to EU economic growth.

How to prepare for the move to Europe?

Moving to Europe, as well as international relocation as a whole, consists of several stages:

  1. Preparation of residence documents
  2. Registration of documents for work in the EU
  3. Real estate search
  4. Selection of a transport company and transportation of personal belongings to Europe

Correct and accurate execution of the first three points will allow carrying out the transportation of personal belongings to Europe with minimal trouble.

«RUH CARGO» Company provides a full range of services for the transportation of personal belongings to Europe.

The process of transportation of personal belongings abroad can be divided into 4 points:

  1. Preparation of personal belongings for transportation: making up the list of transported property
  2. Evaluation of things
  3. Estimation of cubage and weight of the transported cargo
  4. Packing of personal property for transportation
  5. Customs clearance of cargo

We suggest you to read in details the terms of transportation of personal belongings to Europe for some most popular routes or you can order a free consultation.

«RUH CARGO» has a network of customs offices in each country of the European Union. This option allows to work without intermediaries in customs clearance. Customs agents of the Company have a rich experience in the field of clearance of personal belongings. «RUH CARGO» employees constantly monitor changes and customs regulations for each country in the EU.

Specialists of the «RUH CARGO» company will perform transportation of personal belongings abroad with the most favorable economic conditions for their clients.