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Transportation to the USA

We transport personal belongings and cargo to the States / "RUH CARGO"

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The United States of America (USA) is a state in North America, which is a leader in the choice of countries for international relocation. Stable economy, social guarantees, a huge labor market and attractive business conditions are all key factors for immigrants who are looking for an opportunity to get settled in this country.

«RUH CARGO» provides transportation logistics and customs clearance services throughout the United States. Specialists of the company will offer you the most optimal type of delivery!

Air transportation of personal belongings to USA

Under this type of transport logistics are the goods that are characterized by:

  1. high cost;
  2. low transport parameters: dimensions (up to 2 m.), weight, volume;
  3. the requirement of express delivery;

Due to the high price of air transportation, large, heavy and cheap cargoes lose their economic validity when moving. And vice versa: if you need to transport personal goods to the US quickly, and the cargo has a small volume and weight (small household and computer equipment, clothes, shoes, etc.) - air transportation is your right choice of logistics.

International transportation of personal belongings to the US by sea

The economic feasibility of shipping by the sea includes a number of factors:

  1. high transport parameters of the cargo: weight, volume, dimensions;
  2. estimated time of delivery by sea from 35 to 50 days (including port forwarding, customs check of cargo, inspection by security services);
  3. low cost of international transportation (delivery by ship, rental of a container);

Transport documentation

In order for the international move to the United States to proceed smoothly, it is necessary to compile and correctly fill in the accompanying documents for the transported goods:

  1. proforma-invoice;
  2. packing list;
  3. air cargo declaration (for air delivery);
  4. power of attorney (power of attorney for a representative in the US Customs);
  5. Bill of Lading (to deliver the goods by sea).
Incorrect compilation and completion of these documents increases the risk of paying a fee for used things. It will also lead to an increase in transport costs (downtime, payment of customs warehouse, etc.).

«RUH CARGO» - Your reliable partner in the field of international relocations. The Company offers a service of transportation of personal property "on a turn-key basis": packing, loading, official customs clearance of personal belongings and door-to- door delivery of goods.