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Transportation to Ukraine

Delivery of personal belongings and cargos to Ukraine «RUH CARGO»

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Transportation of personal belongings to Ukraine is a complicated logistical process. As practice shows, this issue often requires greater responsibility than it seems initially.

Organization of international relocation to Ukraine:

  1. How to make a list of transportable property correctly PACKING LIST?
  2. How do I specify the cost of my things in PROFORMA-INVOICE?
  3. How to fill in the Customs Declaration for importation of property?
  4. What taxes will be paid upon importation?
  5. What determines the amount of taxes on imports?
  6. What are the legitimate opportunities to simplify the importation?
  7. What documents will help in the international move?
  8. Is it worth to order a transportation service from an experienced company or is it easier to do everything yourself?

The four main factors on which the success of transporting personal belongings to Ukraine depends:

  1. The correct organization of packing and loading of things at the place of dispatch;
  2. Selection of a company that will perform the international relocation service;
  3. The complete package of documents that will accompany the goods;
  4. Correctly organized process of customs clearance;

Successfully organized transportation of personal belongings is the proper planning and execution of all stages of the move. Without the help of an experienced Carrier it will not be easy in this issue.

Today, there are a lot of logistics operators offering international relocation services. How to choose a company that in practice will justify the trust?

  1. A reliable Carrier will openly and in details describe to you all the processes of transportation and registration of cargo.
  2. Already at the first consultation you will get a clear understanding of all the additional nuances.
  3. You will be informed of the real provisions of the Law, which regulates the import and payment of taxes.
  4. An experienced Carrier Company will offer you a turnkey service with a minimum of your participation.

Transportation of personal belongings to Ukraine is one of the main activities of «RUH CARGO». The company team has the necessary experience to help you to solve this problem successfully.

The specialists of the company will be happy to answer all your questions. You will receive full information about the rights that you can use when moving to Ukraine.