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Transportation of art objects

Transportation of valuables and art abroad

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Transportation of art objects has its own specificity associated with packaging, transportation, customs clearance and processing papers. Antiques, paintings, art objects or collectors' items belong to a special category of cargoes. That is why auction organizers, museums and even collectors are currently entrusting the international transportation of fragile and valuable antiques, paintings and other art objects to proven companies that can offer solutions for transportation on a turnkey basis.

Today, the transport service market numbers quite a lot of transport operators engaged in international transportation of various cargoes. But not every company can guarantee the successful transportation of cargoes from one country to another. After all, such operations require extensive practical experience, excellent knowledge of customs procedures, insurance and, of course, a well-established logistics network of partner companies around the world.

The young, but rapidly developing «RUH CARGO» logistics operator is used to adhere to only high standards and quality. One of the decisive factors to help customers choose a transport operator is the experience of international transportations of expensive, fragile and antique goods.

Such service as transportation of art objects on a turnkey basis is ordered not only by a museums, galleries or exhibition centers, but also by private individuals.

How is the transportation of valuables is performed?

The transportation of valuables in the «RUH CARGO» Company is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  1. consulting a client, informing about all the nuances of the import and export of art objects abroad;
  2. providing services of professional packing. The packing is varied and is adjusted to the needs of your art property;
  3. obtaining permits for the transportation of valuables, undergoing examinations, preparation and legalization of the necessary documentation for the transportation of cargo outside the country;
  4. loading of art objects and the delivery of cargo to the customs terminal located as close as possible to the city of final destination;
  5. customs clearance, dispatch of cargo to the destination country;
  6. receiving cargo, customs clearance, careful delivery to the final destination.

The «RUH CARGO» Company appreciates each and every client and copes with all tasks and formalities in order to carry out the delivery of art objects in time.

Transportation of art objects by the «RUH CARGO» Company

Cooperation with the «RUH CARGO» Company has many advantages, one of which is the absence of necessity for the client’s personal presence in the process of customs clearance at the customs terminal.

Advantages of cooperation with the «RUH CARGO» Company - international transport logistics operator, are the following:

  1. individual attention to every client, the selection of the most appropriate solutions;
  2. transportation of valuables on a turnkey basis;
  3. not the client, but our company is engaged in preparation and legalization of documentation, undergoing examinations and obtaining permits;
  4. the provision of professional services of packaging of art objects, as well as antiques and other valuables;
  5. fumigation of packaging materials;
  6. maximum of carefulness and attention towards cargo;
  7. professional drivers;
  8. direct cooperation with customs services.

And, of course, the «RUH CARGO» Company cares about its clients, so everyone has the time and effort to create new masterpieces of art!