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Transportation of property to Austria

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Transportation of personal belongings to Austria

Austria is located in the central part of Europe. Approximately 70% of the territory of this country is covered with the Eastern Alps. Austrian ski resorts are known all over the world. The economy of this small country has rapidly gained momentum and is one of the strongest in Europe, relying on a broad production base, developed industry, skilled human resources and tourism.

How to move personal belongings to Austria with the maximum benefit?

The «RUH CARGO» carrier company cooperates with the Austrian customs services without any middlemen involved. This allows you to have a complete list of terms and documents required for custom-free transportation of personal belongings, as well as provide the customer with favorable price of transportation. A representative office of the company provides customs brokerage services throughout Austria.

The list of terms and documents for custom-free import of personal belongings to Austria:

  1. you should choose the carrier company providing services of customs clearance in Ukraine and Austria. It is important to clarify where the customs declarations of T1/EX-types can be opened and closed. Companies that do not execute such declarations, smuggle personal belongings into the EU;
  2. appraise the value of property called PROFORMA-INVOICE up to the amount of 10 000,00 EURO;
  3. make a list of property called PACKING LIST in Ukrainian and German;
  4. issue a power of attorney in the name of the Ukrainian broker who will represent your interests in the Customs Services of Ukraine. This document can be executed by the notary officer of the «RUH CARGO» carrier company;
  5. issue a power of attorney called VOLLMACHT in the name of the customs broker in Austria;
  6. fill in the CMR form;
  7. register a residence permit called MIETVERTRAG;
  8. register the Anmeldung Bescheinigung;

Entrust the transportation of personal belongings to professionals!

«RUH CARGO» provides a full range of services for the processing and transportation of personal belongings abroad. You can order a free consultation to assess the cost of moving with the employee's departure to the house.

«RUH CARGO» company also offers professional packaging services for personal belongins. The results of the latest work can be found in gallery. Employees of the company will provide full information on such issues: How to pack personal belongings for transportation abroad; What things are forbidden to be transported abroad as part of personal belongings; What items in the composition of personal belongings require special permission for export; What sizes of trucks are used to transport personal belongings.

The company's experts will perform a full range of the «turnkey» moving services, relying on the decades of experience in Austria!