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Transportation to Belgium

Moving abroad from the company «RUH CARGO»
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Popular cities:
  • Brussel
  • Antwerpen
  • Brugge

There are probably few countries in Europe where the reverential attitude to chocolate is so great, that shops selling chocolate sweets are called boutique or atelier. Since Belgium is a neighbour of France, each resident also starts his day with coffee and fresh croissant. Belgium is the member of the European Union since 1957.

If your goal is to move to Belgium, you will certainly require an experienced assistant. Rules for the personal belongings importation to this country is stipulated by the strict legislation. For successful delivery of personal belongings to Belgium you should form a package of documents correctly:

  1. Power of attorney in the name of the customs representative of the transport company in the country of departure and in Belgium
  2. Liste des effets personnels (packing list)
  3. Facture proforma (standard form) with the correct assessed value of the goods
  4. To fill the international CMR consignment note

These and other documents will help to ensure the import of your belongings to Belgium on the most favourable terms. The main task is usually not so much the paperwork, but the presence of an experienced operator who is able to work effectively with these documents. The choice of such operator is the key to a successful move.

The RUH CARGO team has rich experience in the organization of belongings delivery to Belgium. The Company's specialists will help to make the aforementioned and other necessary documents subject to the legislation. Having considered with all original data of your request, RUH CARGO personnel will find the most profitable option for the belongings transportation and thoroughly discuss it with you.

Moving to Belgium could be the new experience in your life.

Entrust this task to the RUH CARGO team whose daily routine consists of a continuous process of moving.