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Transportation of personal belongings to Finland

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Популярні міста:
  • Helsinki
  • Tampere
  • Turku

Finland Suomi official name – the Republic of Finland or Suomen tasavalta is a country situated in Northern Europe. Helsinki is the capital of the country. A member of the European Union since 1995. Its economy structure is one of the best in the world. Many wonder: why do Finns live so good? And after finding the answer looking for an opportunity to move to Finland.

How to transport personal belongings to Finland:

  1. International moving starts with defining the list of transported property and estimating the volume and weight of cargo
  2. According to paragraph 1, it is necessary to choose the way of things delivery: courier delivery or residential home moving
  3. To carry out packing work, arranging transportation

For delivery of personal belongings of up to 150 kg to Finland one will need:

  1. Minimum package of documents: a list of things, contact information, compliance with international security rules regarding the composition of the cargo
  2. The choice of a reliable carrier a moving company with a good reputation

International home moving to Finland

Transportation of personal property abroad, weighing more than 150 kg, requires additional registration. The preparation of these documents will allow you to carry a lot of things with minimal cost and duty-free importation.

  1. Preparation of pakkausluettelo and lasku packing list
  2. Preparation of documents for the move: oleskelulupa, employment visa, work contract, real estate lease contract or any other documents that give the opportunity for accommodation in the country
  3. Registration of CMR and transit documents
  4. Customs registration and confirmation of the duty-free import to Finland

The «RUH CARGO» team will select the most favourable way of shipping for you and arrange as comfortable international moving as possible!

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