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Transportation of property to Poland

Moving abroad by «RUH CARGO» company
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The Republic of Poland (Rzeczpospolita Polska) is located in the eastern part of the European Union. Poland is the tenth largest country in Europe and one of the most popular European countries for moving. The Polish customs legislation regulates the transportation procedure of personal belongings for immigrants.

How to transport personal belongings to Poland?

  1. it is important to choose the specialized carrier company;
  2. manager of the carrier company is obliged to clarify where the customs declarations of T1/EX-types can be opened and closed;
  3. appraise the value of the transporting property called INVOICE up to the amount of 10 000,00 EURO;
  4. you should make a list of property called PACKING LIST / Lista używanych rzeczy osobiste in Ukrainian and Polish;
  5. arrange the packing of your personal belongings or order a packing service;
You should remember: companies that do not execute customs declarations, import personal belongings into the EU illegally, which means there is a risk of complete confiscation of property. In the future, this will lead to implications in obtaining documents for residence in the EU

International transportation to Poland: custom-free import of personal belongings.

For custom-free transportation of personal belongings to Poland it is necessary to:

  1. issue a power of attorney in the name of on the carrier company's representative at the notary office in the Customs Services of Ukraine. This document can be executed by the notary officer of the «RUH CARGO» carrier company;
  2. fill in the form called Upoważnienie bezpośrednie for the customs services of Poland or provide a scanned copy of the card called KARTA POBYTU;
  3. fill in the CMR form;

Apply for moving services to the professionals! Formal execution and transportation of personal belongings to Poland with the «RUH CARGO» carrier company

The «RUH CARGO» carrier company cooperates with the Latvian customs services without any middlemen involved. The customs department professionally organizes execution of all the necessary documents for the transportation of personal belongings.

You have the opportunity to order a free consultation to assess the cost of moving with the house-call of a company's expert.

The «RUH CARGO» carrier company also provides professional packaging services of personal belongings. Get acquainted with our latest works concerning moving abroad.

Experts of the company will perform the transportation of personal belongings to Poland officially, at minimum cost and within the minimum period of time!