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Transportation to Turkey

Moving abroad from the company «RUH CARGO»
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Popular cities:
  • Istanbul
  • Ankara
  • Antalya

The Republic of Turkey is located partly in Asia and partly in Europe. Such location determines the whole structure of the country way of life. Economy, social harmony, cross-border operations of the Turkish Republic are very similar in their approach with the EU.

For a successful relocation to the Republic of Turkey it is necessary to plan all the stages carefully:

  1. To choose a reliable operator – a carrier who will provide customs registration services in Turkey. It is very important to know the points where T1/EX Customs Declaration will be open/closed. Without drawing up of such documents imported things will be considered contraband
  2. Zati Eşya Listesi (list of transported goods) should be made correctly in the Ukrainian and Turkish. The accrual and payment of Bandrol (import tax) will depend on the type things list drawing up
  3. Pack or order the service package with the loading

Few steps for successful and duty-free transportation of personal belongings to Turkey:

  1. It is necessary to get Karakoldan giris-cikis yazisi (document from the police station with marks on entry/exit to/from Turkey)
  2. To arrange Oturma izni (residence permit in the Republic of Turkey) or other documents to reside in this country for 3 months or more

«RUH CARGO» has an extensive experience in transporting personal belongings, as well as diplomatic cargo to the Republic of Turkey. There are Turkish-speaking employees in the RUH CARGO team. This allows to organize the move as efficiently as possible and at no additional cost. Request a free consultation from a professional carrier!

«RUH CARGO» specialists will be happy to assist you in organizing the transportation of personal belongings to the Republic of Turkey!