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Transportation to Hungary

Moving abroad from the company «RUH CARGO»
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Popular cities:
  • Budapest
  • Miskolc
  • Debrecen

Hungary Magyar Népköztársaság – the official name of the Republic of Hungary is the Central part of Europe. The capital is the beautiful city of Budapest. It is a member of European Union since 2004

The organization of personal belongings delivery could be divided into two types: courier delivery and international residential moving.

Shipping things to Hungary. Courier delivery consists of the following steps:

  1. Minimum package of documents for transportation: a list of things, contact information, preparation of cargo for transportation (packing, loading)
  2. The choice of professional moving company carrier
  3. The signing of the Contract, subject to international safety regulations for the carriage of goods

International home moving to Hungary

Moving things to Hungary with a total weight of the cargo over 150 kg require a professional approach. Correct registration of international transportation will significantly save and organize duty-free import of a large number of the acquired property. This will require:

  1. To draw up and form the packing list and proforma-invoice correctly
  2. To arrange customs registration in the country of departure. To prepare the transit documents to the place of customs clearance or to issue TIR
  3. To prepare documents for duty-free entry. To submit copies of documents to the Customs Authorities of Hungary: working visa, real estate documents or rent, tartózkodási engedély, or any other documents that allow you to stay in Hungary for more than 3 months

The RUH CARGO Company provides a full range of services for international moving to Hungary:

  1. International transportation
  2. Customs registration
  3. Professional packing
  4. Warehousing
  5. Customs clearance in Hungary
  6. Organization of duty-free import

Our specialists will provide you with free professional advice, will select the most advantageous way of personal property delivery to Europe

Entrust your home moving abroad the real experts!