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One of the areas of the «RUH CARGO» Company’s activities is to provide comprehensive solutions for cargo storage, its escorting and handling. In this case warehouse logistics is regarded as an integral functioning organism, which is engaged in implementation of the tasks of any complexity and provides optimal technological maintenance of all freight traffic flow in the warehouse.

«RUH CARGO» provides warehouse logistics services not only for both corporate persons and private individuals who travel abroad (for family reasons, for permanent residence, study or long-term business trip). In this case, it will be difficult for some people to leave their favorite furniture, while others may want to take their home appliances and even vehicles along when moving abroad.

The «RUH CARGO» Company’s clients often require delivery postponement of delivery personal belongings or valuable items. Indeed only properly organized warehouse logistics is able to ensure the safety of any cargo, as well as its effective accommodation, registration and responsible storing in the warehouse.

Advantages of warehouse logistics provided by «RUH CARGO»:

  1. Warehouse logistics services cost less than space lease. Therefore it is a substantial saving of financial resources.
  2. The operations department of the international transportation company has a huge logistics center. There is a heated warehouse which is under security surveillance within 24 hours.
  3. Our warehouse is located directly in the capital of Ukraine, so customs clearance and cargo declaration are usually held at customs in Kiev.
  4. Our сompany organizes a full range of cargo handling operations using modern warehouse equipment.
  5. Identification of the received cargo. Segregating, packaging (repacking is provided if necessary) marking of cargo in the presence of the client or without him\her.
  6. Individual approach with due consideration of all the requirements and wishes of the customer (and of course, the company's capabilities). Proper storage.
  7. Affordability and clarity of customer relations. Informing on all issues related to the safety of the cargo and its subsequent transportation abroad. Provision of the detailed photo report (upon request).
  8. The «RUH CARGO» Company is financially liable for the safety and security of clients’ personal belongings.

An additional point is that the «RUH CARGO» Company works in close rapport with the leading logistics companies in Poland, Austria, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy and Turkey. We have established a network of broker partner companies in 18 countries (Canada, USA, Japan and EU countries). There is own vehicle fleet as well as highly qualified and experienced team of professionals at the company’s disposal.

Considering the fact that the warehouse logistics is one of the most promising directions of business development, the «RUH CARGO» Company is interested in a long-term business cooperation. After all, the main objective of the company is to create a comfortable and cost-efficient customer relations.