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Customs clearance

International freight transportation and customs clearance

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It may well be that there is only a handful of people in our country who have never heard about the complexity of customs clearance. Those who had to carry any belongings abroad at least once, may have learnt an important lesson: an unskilled and unprepared person will definitely get a headache when passing through the customs terminal.

Customs processing of cargo: the most important issues related to customs clearance

To perform all the necessary customs clearance procedures, there is a need to possess extensive knowledge in the field of customs law, law of taxation and monetary law. Moreover, you also regularly need to keep track of changes in the Ukrainian legislation regularly. Cargo customs clearance is unconventional process that requires a professional approach. Indeed, only one misstep made because of lack of knowledge or failing to follow documentation process may result in irreparable consequences: at least - the fine, as maximum - cargo confiscation.

Of course, a person who plans transporting personal belongings from one country to another, is usually puzzled with dozens of questions.

  1. What cargo is allowed to be transported across the border?
  2. Is it necessary to undergo the customs clearance procedures?
  3. Is it possible to transport furniture, consumer electronics and other things without documents evidencing their purchase (bill of sale (check), goods delivery note)?
  4. What is involved into a cargo assessment procedure if some personal effects are pre-owned?
  5. Are objects of art, antiques and other objects of historical notability allowed to be transported out of the country? What is the procedure of customs clearance for such cargoes?
  6. What documents confirming the cargo transportation from Ukraine to another country, should be necessarily taken along?
  7. Is personal attendance of the cargo owner needed during customs clearance?
  8. Is it necessary to inform local customs about the cargo delivery?
  9. Is it possible to carry the cargo to another country duty-free?
  10. What documents confirming the delivery of personal belongings, household appliances and furniture to another country, must be retained by the owner of the cargo?
  11. How much is the cargo customs clearance?
  12. Can I order international moving on a turnkey basis in Ukraine (transportation of cargo plus customs clearance without the participation of the customer)?

The answers to these and many other questions are available at «RUH CARGO». This is a young but fast growing company, which is now positioning itself as a transport and logistics operator of the new generation. The company offers comprehensive services for the transportation of various goods abroad and also provides professional customs-brokerage services.

Customs-brokerage services from «RUH CARGO»: we always have a solution!

At any time customers of «RUH CARGO» at any time can use the services of a qualified broker, which has all the necessary licenses for customs and brokerage activities.

The advantages of cooperation with «RUH CARGO» are the following:

  1. Close cooperation with the customs department of Ukraine, with the help of which the company receives the information on the latest changes in legislation "at first hand".
  2. Well-established network of customs-brokerage partner companies around the world.
  3. Wealth of experience in the customs clearance of various cargoes for both private and corporate persons.
  4. Execution of complete documents.
  5. Clients’ cost minimization for customs clearance. Assistance in obtaining tax benefits.

And, most importantly, the «RUH CARGO» Company carries on legal business. Therefore, cargo customs clearance is completely legal and all documents are official.