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Transportation of personal belongings abroad: how to pack your belongings?

The packaging of personal belongings for transportation abroad to another country is a very important issue. If you do not have the responsible attitude to this task, the meaning of the transportation of personal belongings abroad is gone.

Transportation of furniture abroad:

  1. How to partially or completely disassemble the furniture for transportation
  2. Which brittle parts of furniture need to be specially packed, disconnected
  3. How the furniture will be locked in a special cargo compartment of the vehicle

Having found out answers to these three questions, you can choose a type of packing material for furniture storage during transportation abroad.

Transportation of dishes abroad:

When transporting personal property, there is often a question how to pack dishes for international transportation. To pack fragile things while moving abroad, use:

  1. Special packaging paper
  2. Bubble film
  3. Foamed polypropylene
  4. IMPORTANT: Boxes made of five-layer cardboard. This will save the contents of the box while transporting over long distances

Each unit of dishes or other fragile things should be individually wrapped in packaging material and only then placed in a box.

Transportation of household appliances abroad:

Transportation of household appliances abroad has a number of features. If you have original boxes made of household appliances, you can use them. If you do not have such possibility, you can use special packing material to create the necessary storage conditions. Packing material for transportation of household appliances abroad:

  1. Five-layer cardboard
  2. Bubble film
  3. Foamed polypropylene
  4. Stretch film, which is used only in pairs with the above materials

It is also worth noticing that when transporting household appliances abroad it is necessary to strengthen the corners of already packed appliances, as well as to strengthen the places of fastening cargo.

If you contact RUH CARGO Company, you’ll have the opportunity to get a free advice on the transportation of personal belongings abroad. You can also order a professional package of personal belongings for moving. A photo review of the company's work can be found in the gallery section.